The present is the only chance to build our family as a domestic church.
The domestic church is like an enclosed garden;
a place set apart for the nurture and care of our family.
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How precious is the family, as the privileged place
for transmitting the faith. - Pope Francis


What is the Domestic Church?

What is the Domestic Church Institute?

Why Aspire for a Domestic Church?

Domestic Church Institute

The Goal

The goal of DCI is to help each family become the first community of faith, united to the greater Catholic Church as one of its basic units.

Our Mission

To help parents understand that faith in Jesus through the Catholic Church is the essential nucleus of family life

To assist parents realize their irreplaceable role as the first, best, and most influential teachers of their children

To aid parents see a clear vision of their family as a domestic church that leads to intentional and purposeful parenting