The present is the only chance to build our family as a domestic church.
Soul of Christ, sanctify me.



Seeds of Kindness

Kindness reflects a tenderness of heart that is touched by the plight or suffering of others that moves one towards generosity and graciousness.

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Ordinary Time

Ordinary time in the liturgical calendar is the time outside the major seasons and are designated by ordinal numbers. There is nothing ordinary ‘blah’ about it.

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The Lord Has Come

Anytime of the day, we can turn interiorly and adore Jesus in the tabernacle of our heart.  “Joy to the world, the Lord has come!”

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Keeping True to Advent

The 4 weeks of Advent are preparations for the great gift of Christmas. Keeping true to Advent has to do with preparing our hearts for Jesus to come to us.

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All is Gift

When the veil will finally be lifted and we can see our lives in the eternal plan of God, we will realize that all is gift from the love of God for us.

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Heartfelt Thanks

Thanks can be sincerely heartfelt when one truly enjoys the gift given. We enjoy many gifts everyday for which we can express our heartfelt thanks to God.

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​​Nannet Horton

Wife, Mother, Author [also occupied as a homeschooler, NFP teacher & CGS Catechist] sharing on Catholic thought about marriage, family life, home culture and transmission of the Faith to our children + Guest writers contribute some posts.

Let us be hospitable first to each member of our family.